Are You An American Hero Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Then you are at the right place. Because America is ready to stand by you and support your opportunity to claim the American dream!

Military Heroes in Business

Thank You. You've made your sacrifice to protect and defend America, now it is time to take advantage of the American Dream!

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Leadership for Success

The greatest power of the Troops to Business program is leveraging the team approach to ushering in entrepreneurial accomplishment.

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Community Finance

For many entrepreneurs, just $250 can transform their reality into one of being prepared to shake hands and do business.

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We in the United States live in a different economic world than existed in the 1970’s. Not only has the basic wage stagnated and does not provide a living wage, but the lack of old-time traditional, sign-up, show-up, get paid jobs is hammering opportunities for military veterans. Combine that with the officer and enlisted RIFing as we attempt to wind down multi-national conflicts, and things look and feel bleak for we veterans.

Now the Good News!

Yes, it is 1850 in American all over again. Some folks in the United States have plenty of money to spend. And there has never been a better time for military veterans to take our leadership and other skills and, as was the way in the old American West, hang out a shingle and start a business. Becoming an active entrepreneur can be a challenging prospect for most, but it is the fastest way to get a grip on personal economics, pay some bills, and get on with life!

This website it dedicated to all of those veterans who need income, need a better life ahead, have the energy and desire, but need a little help from the veteran and civilian community to get things off the ground. It’s not a welfare program, but it is a partner-ship program with programs and avenues for connecting veterans with ideas, seed capital, mentoring, and other opportunities to become an independent business owner. Not just to be in business, but to grow as a SUCCESSFUL independent business owner.

Whether you are active military planing to transition out, a military veteran already separated from service, a successful business owner yourself, a civilian who is busy as a homemaker, teacher, engineer, or other profession, or a retired community member, there is a place for everyone to join together with our heroes and make a difference in their lives and our country! Discover your place in this mission to support our military heroes as they claim the American dream and prosper at a business of their own.