Military Heroes in Business

Thank You for your service to our country!

You’ve made your sacrifice to protect and defend American, now it is time to take advantage of the American Dream.

Starting your own business, being your own boss, comes with advantages and disadvantages. But of all the pros and cons connected with entrepreneurship, in a down employment market where few are hiring from the many, launching out on your won brings one great benefit:

You will be rewarded according your efforts. Nothing has ever been more true in the good old United States of America than that.

When you head out to start your own business, as long as you are following a smart profit model and not chasing pie in the sky, the more hours you put in, the more determination you have in spirit AND in effort, the greater you rewards will be in the end.

Making the decision that you no longer want to be unemployed or living on public assistance, and taking steps in the right direction to do something that will generate additional income with increases in income int he future, is a major step in any veteran’s life.

That step requires planning, action with follow-through, reassessment, tweaking, action with follow-through, …rinse, repeat. It is not enough to just decide, being an entrepreneur that makes money requires that you take your plans and turn them into action.

Most Need

Most veterans will need assistance with the:

  • Planning
  • Resourcing
  • Action & Execution
  • Assessment, and
  • Tweaking

We Can

The team here at Troops to Business can work with anyone veteran that has:

  • Determination
  • Commitment
  • Desperation
  • Laser Focus
  • Discipline, and
  • Faith (We have enough of that for you if you don’t feel you have what it takes)

And assist that veteran into becoming an entrepreneur that is making more money.


Are you ready to pitch your idea to us and get an idea of how it lands? Are you ready to open your hopes and fear with the team so that we can make an assessment of your ideas and needs and formulate a response worthy of your time and ours?

There is no obligation to submit a dream request. Just be prepared to get our unvarnished, hard-core response to your idea. And also be ready to get some suggestions for change and direction that just might change your efforts from fruitless to bountiful!  You don’t have to take our advice, but it sure can’t hurt!

And for a select group of dream requests, we will shop them around to community members and see if we cannot put together a plan to get you the seed money you need to move forward and open your business.

Make your Dream Application today!

You can use the form below to submit your application for assistance from Whatever we may be able to do for you WILL NEVER cost you a dime. We are a veterans services group and any revenues we make to support us will come from donors  and not from our service personnel whom we seek to help. Some other groups are not like that, but we are.

All information is confidential. 

Dream Application

Dream Application

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