Seed Capital

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Well, this is where it always comes down to. The money.

We have veterans who

  • Need and want to work for themselves to provide for their families.
  • Don’t want to be on public assistance
  • Have great leadership talent and skills
  • Are in between a rock and a hard place
  • Have the desire, commitment, and tenancy to be successful

And thank God we have citizens like you that

  • Have a heart for veteran’s and their struggles
  • Want to know more of what you can do to help
  • Have been blessed with additional financial resources
  • Want to make a different in your community
  • Are too busy to give time, but can give to help the veteran gain their business foot hold

What we will and will not do with the funds you contribute

  • We do not make direct cash payments to the veterans.
  • We do finance the veteran programs we are supporting with direct expense payments
  • We will maintain an accounting for every dime that is invested in assisted in launching the veteran’s new business
  • We will only withhold an acceptable percentage to fund our overall general operation

We are a 13 year old IRS 501(c)3 organization that is committed to assisting veterans. And we are here, ready and willing to be the connection between your financial gifts and the veterans’ programs, under the leadership of their mentoring teams, to see that you gifts are properly handled and benefit the future of the veterans we serve.

Your financial commitments are personal, heartfelt, and serious. And we are serious about speaking with you about them.

Please call our director, Lance Orndorff, directly on his cell at (704) 898-1156 to discuss your support of an American Hero who, along with his battle buddies, is trying to make a living the best way they now how and with the great American spirit as an Entrepreneur. 

Call us today and make your initial gift. Let’s together change a veteran’s life for the better!